Wolverine Earns an "A"!

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy announced recently that Wolverine Elementary earned an “A” as one of the top-performing public schools in the state.  The Mackinac Center’s new Michigan Context and Performance (CAP) Report Card adjusts a school’s standardized test scores to account for student poverty levels.  Using this process, Wolverine Elementary was ranked #168 out of 2,203 schools in Michigan.  The good news didn’t stop with that…the MS/HS earned a “B” and was ranked #396. 

The CAP report uses multiple years of student achievement data so that a single year’s results don’t dramatically affect the scores.  A high CAP score means that a school performs well compared to its peers.  A full, searchable database of CAP scores is available at

Congratulations to the students, parents and staff of Wolverine Community Schools on earning these high marks. 

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