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9th Grade Parent Night! Tuesday, September 14th

From 6:00-7:00pm all parents and students of 9th grade are invited for an hour of pizza and discussion in the high school cafeteria about how to be sure to get a high school diploma. We will discuss:

  • How many and what kinds of credits students need by senior year

  • How grading works with Semesters, Quarters, and exams.

  • GPA: what it is and why it matters

  • The common pitfalls students can sometimes fall into that causes them to fail

  • How to earn an additional $500,000 over the course of their careers

  • Opportunities to take advantage of, such as:

    • Dual Enrollment (go to college for free!)

    • The Fab Lab and their certificate

    • NHS

  • Get Credit for Sports

  • What tests students will take in High School and why they may be important.

  • How you can support your student and help them succeed.

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