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Sign up for Summer Camps and Credit Recovery Below!

9th-12th Credit Recovery

Students have the once in a lifetime opportunity to recover credits for classes they may have failed in either S1 or S2 by making up missed work from the year.  Usually, making up a course means they have to start from ground zero, but this summer, students can recover their credits by working from home, but with the support of our teachers.   

All teachers will be available for digital office hours twice per week, and will identify all of the work that needs to be made up in order to bring any grade up to passing.  

Mrs. Kramer has agreed to come to school twice per week to tutor any student in mathematics as well!

If you know your child has failed any Semester One courses and/or will likely fail one of the Semester Two courses, please follow the link below to reserve the opportunity to take part in Credit Recovery over the summer break.  

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